Walter Wayne Larson

Kevin Dean was born in 1970. He married Robyn Carles from Radville, Sask. in November of 1994. They have two children They live in Deslisle, Sask and Kevin has his own custom fencing business. “Arrow Fencing” Robyn has worked as a veterinarian rep as well as a pharmaceutical rep and travels extensively

Brian Wayne was born in 1971. He married Brandy Marchard from Rosetown, Sask. in July of 1995 but they later divorced. They have one daughter together, Shelby Lee, born in 1997.

Lisa Marie was born in 1976 and she married Aaron Groves in July 1998. they live in Alberta with their two sons, Lisa graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and has worked for many years in soil reclamation.

Wally managed the PFRA picture in Brock, Sask. for many years and retired in that community.