Sarah Ann Beecroft Gunn married John Edward Gunn. They emigrated to Canada in 1903–1920. John Edward came over 1903–04 on a cattle boat with sons George and Robert. They settled at Crystal City. John Edward was horticulturalist to the first Liberal Premier in Manitoba, Thomas Greeway. In 1910 Grandma Sarah Ann, her sister Elizabeth and Harpham came over on the Boat Virginia. Gladys, the youngest was about six years old and Aunt Edith was nine. Nellie (Margaret Elenor was 12. Uncle Harry came too as did Grandpa John Edward and full sister Mary Ann Polly. She had cancer in 1910. Grandma Gunn nursed her. Later, about two years, the family settled in Coriander, Sask. Harphams settled in Mankota. They did a lot of building and they had trades as carpenters. Great Aunt Elizabeth and Great Uncle George went to Moose Jaw, where they lived out their lives and are buried there.