Elaine Edith Walker Crostin

Edith Elaine Walker was born February 1, 1923 in Logan Napoleon, North Dakota and passed away November 2, 1995 in Calgary, Alberta at 72 years old.   She married Elbert (Bert) Thomas Croston, who was born June 22nd, 1921 in Calgary, Alberta and passed away January 19th, 1989 in Calgary at age 67.  They had four sons and one daughter. Two sons, Gary and Ronald who both moved to Australia as young men and Neil and Gordon. Judy is their youngest daughter.

I know very few details or information about Elaine. She was two years younger than my mother, so she would have been the third daughter born to Ray and Gladys Walker. She did not live with Gradys much after her divorce from Ray, but lived most of her younger life with her aunt and uncle Edith and Walter Gough, who had no children. Uncle Bert was a carpenter and worked at the hospital in Calgary and later moved to Sechelt, B.C. As a youngster we made a couple trips to Calgary to visit the Crostons, but I do not remember much.

According to Family history book on the Hulls and Delanys, published in 1 984 Neil and Jeanette have a girl and a son, Sean Elbert was born feb. 10, 1986. Neil lives in Ontario. Judy married Bill Blackwell and they have two daughters.  Judy and Bill later divorced. Gordon and Shelley were  married in 1984 and according to the book, they were expecting their first child in April of 1986.  Gordon passed away possibly in Denver.

the following was written in 1984, “Elaine is the third child of Ray and Gladys. She writes that her mother, Gladys, was very ill. Ural looks great and glasses. He is still taking care of his stock. The family took care of their mother until her death in 1985.”