Peter Larson

Letter April 10, 1986 from Prince Albert, SK

Dear Ken,

First of all I’ll tell you who I am and how were are related and so on. My name is Barry Doyle Larson, my father is Stanley Russell Larson, who us the son of Peter William Larson, who is your grandfather’s brother. I started a family history project a little over a year ago. I am attempting to trace four family histories: the parsons, my mother family, the Walles, and my wife’s mother’s and fathers’ families. So far I have gathered a fair amount of information on my wife’s family but am not doing equites well on the Larson and Wall’s side. I have written quite a number of letters to dad’s sisters and brothers as well as mother’;s sisters and brothers to attempt to get the present generation info together. So far I’m batting about 50%.