Jesse Perrin

Isaac Perrin was buried on August 3rd, 1726 and his wife, Susannan, was buried on May 22md, 1726. There is a missing link between Isaac and Thomas. According to the Perrin family history book, Thomas Perrin married Elizabeth Tomlin on October 12th, 1754 in Wateringbury. Their children include Thomas, born March 18th, 1759 in Wateringbury;

John, married Elizabeth Holiday on Maidstone on January 2nd, 1782 by Banns by John Lloyd (Curate) Forstall farm Sandlime Road. Witnesses were  William Hall and Sarah Holdway. John died at the age of 66 and was buried on January 24th, 1822. Elizabeth died November 26th, 1826at the age of 70.

The other children of Thomas and Elizabeth include Richard Thomas, Christened on July 31st, 1763 in Wateringbury; Samuel, Christened August 1st, 1765 in Wateringbury; James, christened on January 10th, 1772 in Wateringbury. Died 1803; Fanny, Christened on April 5th, 1773 in Wateringbury.

John and Elizabeth’s children include Joseph, born November 7th, 1782. Baptized on November 17th, 1782 at Aylesford. John, born feb. 6th, 1785. Baptized February 20th, 1785 at Aylesford and died in 1872. Joshua was born February 3rd, 1786. Baptized Feb. 18th, 1786 at Aylesford. Buried August 28th, 1788 at Burham. Sophia was born March 21st 1789 and babtized April 3, 1789 at Aylesford. Jesse was born January 16th, 1795 and baptized February 8th, 1795 at Aylesford. He died in 1861. Mary was born November 20th, 1797 and baptized on December 10th,  1797 at Parish of Gillingham, Kent. Jacob was born March 21st, 1792 and baptized on April 15th, 1792 at Aylesford.

When Jesse Perrin was born on January 16, 1795, in Aylesford, Kent, England, his father, John, was 39 and his mother, Elizabeth, was 38. He married Mary Moore in December 1816 in Gillingham, Kent, England. They had 15 children in 28 years. He died on May 16, 1861, in his hometown at the age of 66, and was buried in Malling, Arhus, Denmark.

Jesse Perrin, and Mary Hammond Perrin, born in the early 1800’s. They had a large family, one of which was Robert Perrin, who married Susannah Chamberlin. The Jesse Perrin family were born and raised at Aylesford, Kent County in South England. The family cemetery still exists at Aylesford and has been visited by the Len Perrin family members several times. He is buried  in this cemetery at Aylesford, Kent County, England. Another son was Ted. Both sons, Robert and Ted settled in the Maple Creek, Saskatchewan area.

Susannah Kingsnorth born in 1786 and died in 1889. It is said that she was never sick in her lifetime. She married George Kingsnorth. There were 13 children born in this union but only nine lived to adulthood. One of her children was also named Susannah, who later married William Chamberlin.



William Chamberlin was born in 1815 and went to sea at age 14. He died in 1889. Two daughters were born to the Chamberlins: Susannah, now the third Susannah in the line, born in 1892 and died in 1966; and Lizzie. Susannah married Robert Perrin and Lizzie married Charles Austen. Susannah Chamberlin married Robert Perrin and Lizzie, married Charles Austen. Charles Austen spent his life in the Royal Navy from a young age. They had seven children. Lizzie was the only sister of Susanna Chamberlin Perrin. Susannah Chamberlin and Robert Perrin moved to their ranch in Cypress Hills in 1900, then later they retired in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Susannah was just short of 104 years old when she passed away in 1966. He died in 1950 in Maple Creek. The following is reprinted from the Maple Creek News, Sept. 18, 1950, Obituary for Robert Perrin. Died, Medicine Hat, Sept. 19th, Robert Perrin, widely-known pioneer of the Maple Creek district. Born 84 years ago in Aylesfor, Kent, England, the deceased came to the United States in 1890 settling near Armour, South Dakota. Owing to prevailing drought there he moved to Maple Creek during 1898. He settled southeast of Maple Creek on the north slope of the Cypress Hills where he engaged in mixed farming until a few years ago when he retired to make his home in Medicine Hat.

While still in England Bob was a splendid addition to any cricket tea,. As a bowler he won the hat trick on several occasions while playing with Lord Brassey’s cricket eleven. The hat trick is won by taking three wickets running with first ball. Bob’s cricketing made Lord Brassey his life-long friend, Letters being exchanged between them over the past fifty years. Bob was a keen hunter and a splendid shot.He also was a good musician. The possessor of a good tenor voice he often sang in church choirs, both in England and Canada.

Bob was always a welcome addition where any group of old timers gathered. Always friendly he spent 50 years of his life in this district, winning the esteem and liking of all who knew him. His passing leaves another gap in the narrowing number of pioneers still with us. Surviving him are his wife, one daughter, Mrs. William of Medicine Hat; two sons Leonard and Roy; a brother, Ted; Living east of Maple Creek; and a sister, Mrs. Robert Hancock of Maple Creek. Burial was made in the Medicine Hat cemetery on Friday, Sept. 22. Mr. Ted Perrin traveled to the Hat to be present at the funeral service.

Scrapbook of Photos of Robert and Susannah Perrin.

The picture below was three year old Susannah Chamberlin taken in 1865. She would later marry Robert Perrin and be the mother of four children.




The photo on the left was taken in the 1880’s of Susannah Chamberlin, later Mrs. Robert Perrin. She was teaching in London, England before the came to Halifax with her sister Lizzie. Susannah went from Halifax to Yankton, S. D. where she married Robert Perrin in 1892.

Dr. David Perrin and wife of Armour/Yankton, south Dakota.

Robert and Susannah Perrin first settled at the David Perrin location and were married there. Later they moved to Cypress Hills in Canada.







Robert Perrin and Susannah Chamberlin Perrin had four children:

The picture of their young family was taken in 1901 at Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada. Children included Marjorie on the left, Roy in the center and Len on the right behind Irene who is on the right. All the children were born in South Dakota except Roy, who was born in Canada in 1900. Irene, or Renie as the was called,  was born in Yankton S.D., married Alymer, Slim, Garmons-Williams  in 1919. Marjorie married Walt Larson, Len married Mary Glabraith and Roy married Gladys Baynton.

Slim died in 1937

They had four children, who are pictures below: From left to right: Wayne, Harvey, Betty and Tom. Tom Garmons-Williams B. April 26, 1920 Medicine Hat, married Hope Finmore in 1941 and they had one son.They divorced in 1948 and he remarried Sylvia Cantell in 1948 and they had two children. Hope died in 1990.; 

Harvey Garmons-Williams, never married and went missing in action in 1944 .

Wayne Garmons-Williams married Margaret and they had five children.

Elizabeth (Betty) Garmons-Williams married Norman Latimer and they had three children.

Irene and Slim’s Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren: Tom and Hope had a son, James Lynn born in 1942. He married Nancy in 1966 and he died in a car accident in 1989. They had two children: Bryce, born in 1971 and Bobbie born in 1976. Tom and his second wife Sylvia had two children: Thomas Alymer born in 1952 who married Carol Bennett in 1983 and they divorced in 1986. Tracey Marie was born in 1956 and married Allan Crossley in 1979 and they had 4 daughters: Arianne Adele, born in 1980, Elizabeth Anne, born in 1983, Evelyn Joy, born in 1987 and Katherine Jean (born in 1989.

Harvey (no children)

Wayne and Margaret had five children: Harvey, Vickie, Arlene, Terry and Sandy

Betty and Norman Latimer have three children: Susan married Mark Hammerl in November, 1988 and they have two children: Braedon born in 1989 and Brittany, born in 1993. Michael married Mary-Lou. And later divorced. They have two children: Chad, born in 1980 and Shannon, born in 1983. Michael’s current wife in Laura, married Dec. 26. 1992. Diane has one son, Dakota, born 1994

Marjorie Celia Perrin was born in 1896 near Yankton SD, She married Walter Larson in 1920. She died  on January 31 in 1950 in Val Marie Sask. Walt died in November of 1977 in Malta, MT. They had three children:

Leonard Wayne Larson was born on August 7, 1921 in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He married Dorothy Ruth Walker in 1943 and they had three children. He died on June 21, 1969 in Mankota, SK. Dorothy was born in Rosebud, SD, on June 8, 1921 and died in 1997. They had three sons: Robert Wayne married Colleen Maxwell January 25, 1969 and they have two children. Lennie and Jody. Robert and Colleen divorced and he remarried Bernadette Hataley in September of 1986. They had two children Heather Robyn Marie, born April 30, 1987 and Myros Leonard Wayne, born July 25, 1988. Robert was born April 19, 1945 in Medicine Hat and passed away August 27, 2002 in Mankota. Lennie Dawn Larson married Dwight Gavelin  August 5, 1995. They have four daughters: Ashlyn Dawn, born 1985. She married Bob Mergel and they have one son Emerson. Kylie Dawn born 1994, Skyla Dawn born 1998 and Halley Dawn born 2001. Jody Wayne was born September 18, 1973. He married Shelly Dawn Duquette on Sept. 24, 1994. They have two sons: Dylan Dennis Robert born April 19, 1999 and Beau Robert Wayne, born October 13, 2001

Walter Ural Larson was born May 8, 1948 in Val Marie, Sask. married Paula Frampton in 1970. They have three children: Kevin Dean born July 1, 1970. Married Robyn Carles, born March 1972 in Nov. 1994. They have two children:  Quinn Olivia, Sept. 1998 and Jhett William, Feb. 03, 2004. Brian Wayne,  born May 1971. He married Brandy Marchand in July 1995 and later divorced. They have one daughter: Shelby Lee, born in 1997. He remarried Jenn and they have two daughters: Lincoln Emily, born May 16, 2000 and Lexi Dane, born Sept. 10, 2006. Walter and Paula’s youngest child, a daughter Lisa Marie born August 1976 and married Aaron Groves in July 1998. They have two sons: Logan Walter, born Sept 29, 2002 and Brodie Frederick, born Jan 6, 2006.

Kenneth Gale Larson was born Feb. 23, 1951 in Val Marie, Sask. He married Vicke Caves Oct. 21, 1972 and they have two sons. They divorced in 1989. Scott James was born Nov. 6, 1974 and married Sara Laney. They have two daughters: Anora born June 17, 2011 and Heron Victoria born Dec. 2015. Derrek Wayne was born Dec. 9, 1977 and married Alice Martin on March 2008:. They have one son: Tate Walker, born Feb. 27, 2009.

Sue and Jack Smith Kathryn Irene (Sue) born 1924, she married Jack J. Smith in 1946 and they had two children, She died in May, 1994 in Malta, MT. JJ died in Malta. Patti Sue was born in Malta and married Fred Petersen. They have two children: Josey and Whit

Todd Smith was born Malta, MT and married Carol. They have two children: Katie, who has a daughter Sadie.  John was born in Malta.

Barbara (Bud) and Don Phillips. Barbara Constance (Bud) was born in 1927 and married Don C. Phillips in 1951 and they had five children. Don died in 1974. Charles was born ___________________. He married Sandy. Doug was born ______________________. He married Tonye and they have two sons: Ande and Charlie. Jan was born ___________________. She married Chris Fuegy and they have two children: Peter and Beth. Greg was born __________________. He married Jo-Dee. They have twins: Tadd and Morgen and Suz was born __________________________. She married Bob Mutchler and they have two daughters: Claire and Annie

Leonard Perrin was born in Yankton S.D. in 1898. He died in 1976. He married Mary Glabraith in 1924. She died in Maple Creek, Sask on Nov. 11, 2010. Leonard homesteaded in the Maple Creek area about 10 years before his mother arrived. She came with a team of horses. They had six children:  Joan was born in 1925 in Gerobildo, OR. She married Vernon Duggan on Oct. 23, 1945. He died March 1995 in Armstrong, BC. They had two sons. Murray, who married Sherry and they have three daughters: Jennifer, Lindsay and Robyn

Harvey married Yvonne McCard. They have one daughter. Trisha, who has three daughters: Cheryl, Vicki and Brttany

Lois was born Sept. 15, 1926 in Maple Creek. She married Cecil Baynton on Sept. 22, in  Maple Creek, SK.  They had one son, Jack.  Cecil Baynton’s parents were John and Stella and they bought the TB Long ranch, where Lee still lives. This is the ranch that Margorie was teaching. They have one son Jack. He married Linda Braniff. They had two sons: Lee was born May 28, 1979 and still lives on the ranch.  He is married and has two children: Cecil and Emily. Scott was born October 4, 1980. He passed away April 27, 1996.

Hugh never married. He was born in 1928 and died in 1995.

Shirley (Bunnie) was born in 1933 and died on April 16, 1995  She married Stanley Furgeson. They had three children. Doug was born in 1955 and married Shannon Moch in 1977. They have three children: Darby Hugh, born 1981,  Chelsey Elaine, born 1984 and Shayla Lorraine, born 1992. Lynn and David who married Jemma.

Don Perrin was born August 9, 1935 in Maple Creek. He married Doris Parr in 1954. Doris was born Jan. 8, 1936. They married Nov. 11, 1955. They had two sons.  Kelly was born May 14, 1960 in Maple Creek. He married Kathy Craig at Maple Creek in 1985. They live in Saskatoon.  They have three children: Lorelle, born 1988 in Saskatoon, Sarah, born 1993 in Saskatoon  and Michael, born in 1994 and passed away on May 13, 2015. Gregory was born Nov. 6, 1966 in Maple Creek.  He married Joanne Brodowski in 1996. They live in Calgary. They have two children: Evan, born 1990 and Ethan, born 2001.

Harold (Lynn) was born July, 16 1937. He died on August 31, 2009. He married Frances Prokop in 1962. They had two children. Debborah. She is married to Mark Caldwell but they are divorced. Linda. She lives in Edmonton. She has two daughters: Jade, and Alycia.

Roy Perrin was born in Maple Creek SK in 1900.  He married Gladys Baynton. He died on April 11, 1994. She passed away December 9, 1994.  They had three children: Reed married Vickie Kay, Children included Grant, David  and Maureen She married Roger Thompson in 1988. They have 6 children:  Shantel, born 1988, Ashley, born 1990, Ryan, born 1992, Robin, born 1994 and James and Jesse (twins) born 1997.

Harvey passed away when he was 18 years old in an accident

Cheryl married Don Kay They have three children. They live on the original Perrin place where Marjorie grew up at southeast of Maple Creek. Children include Sherri who married Dean Ternes in 1984 They have one son: Damien, born 1985. Harvey married Shelly Beasley  on May 31, 1997.

Valerie married Chuck Glennie on July 22, 1995. They have one daughter:: Darian (born 1996)

Notes from the daytrip out to the Perrin homesteads and ranches east of Maple Creek on June 7, 2016 with Don and Doris Perrin. Don is Dads first cousin and was 80 years old on August 9th, 2016.

  • Winter of 1906-07 terrible winter. There were few fences and the cattle drifted into a coulee filled with trees and in the spring the animal carcuses were found everywhere in the tree tops. This coulee is named after the carcusaes and steers. ??
  • Lois’s only son was Jack. He had two sons, Scott was 15 or 16 when he committed suicide and Lee still lives out on the ranch. He has two kids Cecil and Emily.
  • Lois’s mother-in-law Mrs.  Baynton’s husband came to the area 10 years before she did. Don’s mom came to the homestead in 1910 with a team and wagon. She was a Galbrait They bought the TB Long place where Lee still lives. This is the ranch where Grandpa Walt met Marjorie. Grandpa was riding for the 76 Ranch and Grandma was teaching the three Long children.
  • Cecil Baynton married Lois and his parents were John and Stella. They bought the Long place.
  • Grandpa John Galbreth and Grandma had 5 children. Mary was one of them. The mother, died young and left John to raise all the children Don’s mother Mary was the second oldest child. There is a page written by don about his mother Mary Perrin.
  • We went to the yard where Marjorie was raised. It is still in the Perrin family. She was born in Yankton, SD and came to the Maple Creek area as a baby.  Robert and Ted were brothers and came to the area to homestead.
  • Robert married Suzanna and they had the four children, grandma being one of them.  His father was Jesse who was buried in England. The family was buried in south England, Kent County in the Aylesford Cemetery.
  • There are three Jesses. The original Jesse Perrin from England. Don’s middle name is Jesse and Jessie is one of Ted;s sons, who lives in Kyle, SK on the Madador Ranch.
  • Ted’s son was Edwin and his son was Stanley. Ted is Ken’s grandpa and the other line of Perrins from Robert. Ken’s sons still live on the ranches. They are Justin and Cody. There house recently burned down in 2016.
  • Grandma Marjorie was raised alone Hay Creek. Cheryl Kay, her first cousin and Roy’s daughter lives in the yard and Don talked about he and his younger brother exploring the area as kids. This is considered the Ayesford District, named after their homeland area in England..
  • Grandpa broke horses for Pat Burns at the Bar U Ranch SW of Calgary – he has quite a story according to Don. Google it to find out more info.
  • In the picture with the wooden gate and the well behind it was the site of Don’s mother’s homestead She passed away in Maple Creek at 105 ½ year s old in 2010. She was also in the Mankota Care Center for a short time. She had a positive outlook on life and hated grey hair. She didn’t want to use a walker because they were for old people, mindyou she was 103 at the time. She didn’t want to socialize with the other elderly ladies at the home because “they weren’t write with it”
  • Don talked about his sister Lois taking them to school in the wagon or/and sled with a team of horses. Because she was the most mature at 13 years old. Their father was sent oversees in the war when Don was only 13 years old. His sister was quite a teamster . Their father never really recovered when he returned from war.
  • “I’ve lived in an age of real characters,” he said and commented that the pioneers who opened this country up were among these characters.”
  • Murraydale is the oldest rodeo in the province and over 100 years old, held in the middle of July. Wally and my father all competed in the rodeo as younger men. Bobby provide stock and Dwight competed once in bullriding.